Standard Line

Manual and Elettronic


A line with two products, toilet and bidet made of high-quality ceramic where technology and hydraulic engineering come together to give you the freedom to furnish any kind of room according to your own taste. Cozy and comfortable, our sanitary fixtures feature a ceramic seat heated by a built-in 7-Watt electric resistance.
Standard Line fixtures are installed on a pre-existing water and drain line and are connected to the electric power line (220 Volts) to be then transformed into low voltage (18 Volts).


A safe and functional system that makes your bathroom easier to use by eliminating hinderances in case of falls and improving accessibility for users with disabilities.
The seat is an integral part of the bowl, making it easier to clean.


An unlimited versatility that suits any type of room, finally allowing you to customize your bathroom according to your space and furnishing requirements.


The concept of a foldaway sanitary fixture allows you to rationalize the bathroom with visible space savings, both in terms of protrusion and wall surface availability.
The products are available in two versions: electronic and manual.
Standard Line products come with a top-quality synthetic material frame and can be used in ordinary bathrooms as well – the perfect choice for those who do not like the sight of traditional sanitary fixtures.

The future is a real bathroom equipped with all your necessary fixtures

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