Violante Innovation

Minimized space requirement, automation and customization, innovative solutions

Italian Quality

Designed and manufactured in Italy to turn your desires into reality.

Bringing gorgeous spaces to life, beautiful to behold and to experience. Technological and designed down to the smallest detail according to the customer’s taste – Customers who nowadays are increasingly demanding when it comes to bathroom design: This is our Mission.

With 36,000 square meters

Manufacturing facility is located in the Magra River Park and is just a stone’s throw away from the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre.

With a team of people hailing from Tuscany and Liguria, we are literally immersed in style and we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing and yachting, in an embrace of style and design, which never ceases to fuel new creative élan.

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Violante Innovation works with qualified technicians and consultants motivated by the passion for their work. Teamwork and the full sharing of business goals have shaped the company’s success that the market perceives and appreciates.

Violante Innovation

Operational seat

Sea Eagle Industries Group srl
Via Ameglia 9 – 19032 Senato di Lerici (SP)
Phone/fax +39 0187 989058