Compact Linear






A line with two products: sink + toilet and sink + bidet made of high-quality ceramic available in two models:
Linear and Corner, to give you a bathroom in any type of space.
A one-piece assembly featuring a sink with pre-installed accessories like faucet, mixer, pivot-rod, stopper and siphon, Compact Line includes all flexible tubes needed for connection to the main lines.
Compact Line is installed on the existing water and power line (220V) to be transformed into low voltage power (18V).


Compact Line takes a big step forward towards ease of installation. In fact, no walling is required.
Once the water supply and drain piping connections have been set up, the once-piece assembly is fixed to the wall. Water pressure must be at least 2.5-3 bar and the fixture comes with a transformer to be connected to the power supply.


This line’s sanitary fixtures come with handy plastic side pockets, which are easily removed to give you, access to the instruments section in case of inspection.
If needed, pull-out showers can be installed both on the cabinet and on the sink.
Cozy and comfortable, this line’s toilets come with a heated ceramic seat.


Cabinet frame made of abrasion and UV-resistant synthetic material with high mechanical resistance.
Toilet and bidet made of hugh-quality ceramic. White methacrylate doors and plastic side pockets with approx. 10-liter overall capacity.


The Compact Line one-piece is designed specifically for taking advantage of the smallest spaces. Using just a single wall or corner, you can have a full bathroom in less than a square meter.

Compact WC/Bidet Linear

Bathroom with sanitary fixtures are not the future anymore. On the contrary, the future is made of bath halls supplied with sanitary fixtures

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Compact Bidet Linear

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Compact WC Linear

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